The Gear

This page lists my gear and gear I would recommend, click the link gives you a chance to buy the stuff and amazon then pay me too.. So we are both winners.


Stuff I use..

Nikon D750 my current workhorse. I find the flip up screen really helps when doing low shots

Nikon D700 a little older these days but gives great results

Nikon D300 older still but a fab cam

Nikkor 18 – 200mm lens a good all round lens

Nikon 10 – 24mm lens my personal favourite for landscape work

Skylight filters keeping the lens safe

Variable ND filter new to these

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop pack my go to post production tools

Camera bag.. to carry the kit

Camera wrist strap from Peak Design

Memory Cards have a few just in case one fails

External Memory I like to use WD 2Tb and 4Tb blocks.. but this may not be my long term solution, as the size and number of files increase.. suggestions please..

HP Everyday Photo Paper 

HP 364 ink

Memory sticks


Stuff I would like,  and here is my amazon wishlist

Nikon D5  top of the range if you would like to get me this or let me have a go of yours

Nikon D850 ok the next upgrade..

Nikon 200 – 500mm lens .. a good long lens

Nikon 50mm lens a good prime lens

Peak Design Everyday Backpack .. important to keep yours equipment safe

Lee Filters the landscape set

Kase Filters these look to be better and easier than Lee

Manfrotto Tripod  we all need tripods, good solid and easy to use are the best

L Bracket to attach the cam to the tripod with ease

The 3 Legged Thing Ellie-G all new looks cool

iPad Pro my iPad has paid for itself over the years I have had it, as I show images to folk

These are cool.. spirit level for the top of your camera

Stuff that is good

The Real Taste of Spain..  some really great easy Spanish recipes

Lens cleaning wipes... good for my glasses and cam lenses

Ways of Seeing – John Burger

Combat shorts

Crocs .. for boys size 10 en 44 eu

Ballet Crocs for girls size 7 en

Max Factor Mascara – Black

Desigual bags

Kind of Blue – Miles Davis

Rendezvous with Rama Arthur C Clark

The Colour of Magic  Terry Pratchett

Driving Over Lemons Chris Stewart

Flamingos in the Desert  Kevin Borman

Where Hoopoes Fly Kevin Borman

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance